Food is a Human Right

Everyone has the right to live, and everyone has to eat to live.  We believe in a world where everyone has access to food, and we create that world by sharing food.

Respect For All Life

The food industry damages our health, destroys ecosystems, and exploits animals.  We promote vegan/vegetarian diets, local sustainable agriculture, and access to fresh healthy food.

Capitalism Kills, Community Heals

In America, poverty is not an accident.  Homelessness is created by capitalism, which requires that a few be very wealthy while the rest are deprived.  Markets and business cannot solve the problems of war and hunger, only healthy community can do that.  We believe in finding ways to support each other without money or violence.

For The People, By The People

If we all want to survive, ordinary people must help each other. Together, we have the resources to make sure nobody goes hungry, everyone has a home, and all our basic needs are met. Politicians, foundations, and so-called “non-profits” claim that they will take care of us, but most of the time they are serving their own interests. Instead of looking to them, we can organize ourselves to solve our problems directly.