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Food4Life Initiative in Response to the COVID-19 Crisis

Free Grocery Deliveries For All a covid-19 relief initiative Based on projections, we expect that the new coronavirus will have a severe impact on people in Atlanta. Before long, everyone will know someone personally who’s impacted by the pandemic, and institutions will not be able to keep up with the need for aid. Official support

Good article about our struggles distributing free groceries

Report From Atlanta Food Not Bombs On Ongoing Organizing Efforts At Park 35 Apartments Which Has Been Met By Management And Police With Harassment And Arrests. Food not bombs Atlanta does three free grocery giveaways a week. On Tuesdays it’s been at Park 35 apartments in Decatur since September, where we have been enthusiastically welcomed

Volunteer Arrested For Giving Out Free Groceries

On Tuesday, police arrested a Food Not Bombs volunteer for sharing food at Park 35 Apartments. This is the latest escalation in management’s effort to prevent free food distribution, but it will not stop us. The landlord thinks that since they own the property they can stop people from helping each other, but they’re wrong.

Food Sharing Threatened by Landlord

Every week, we share fresh food and clothing with the residents of a low-income apartment complex in Decatur.  Many families depend on having a distribution point where they live, and it’s especially important to elderly residents and those with less mobility.  Until recently, we got nothing but appreciation for our efforts there. But on Tuesday,

Update on Food Not Bombs Repression

Early this morning, we came to court ready to face criminal charges for feeding the homeless without a permit. Many people came out and we shared food, clothes, and hygiene supplies right in front of the courthouse. City representatives refused to show up. They were too ashamed to even face us in their own court. The

Atlanta Resists The Food Sharing Ban

Cops in Atlanta claim it’s illegal for us to share food with each other. Earlier this month, a volunteer with Food Not Bombs was charged with a crime for giving food to homeless people without a permit. We do not care what the law or the police say, so we vowed to continue disobeying them. On Sunday

We Do Not Need Permission To Feed Hungry People

Atlanta Food Not Bombs has been sharing free food with anyone who is hungry for over a decade.  We believe that food is a human right, and that no authority should be able to prevent anyone from eating. Georgia State University Police has begun a campaign of harassment aimed at anyone who tries to share food

Solidarity with Ft. Lauderdale

To all the people in Ft. Lauderdale who are being jailed for sharing food with hungry people: we are with you.  To homeless people all over who are jailed for being poor: we are with you.  In Atlanta we have also been harassed and arrested for standing with homeless people and against greed and repression.