Good article about our struggles distributing free groceries

Report From Atlanta Food Not Bombs On Ongoing Organizing Efforts At Park 35 Apartments Which Has Been Met By Management And Police With Harassment And Arrests.

Food not bombs Atlanta does three free grocery giveaways a week. On Tuesdays it’s been at Park 35 apartments in Decatur since September, where we have been enthusiastically welcomed by tenants. Originally, management welcomed us as well, but all that changed after they got hold of one of the fliers we were also giving out, about tenant organizing. In late October 29th, Fonda Pittman, the property manager, told us that we were no longer allowed to distribute groceries because we had “inappropriate fliers” that were “talking about landlords, telling people not to trust landlords.” She immediately claimed that she would call the police, and we immediately ignored her and continued with the distro. However, that time, she ended up not following through on the threat of police.

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